USDA Shuts Down Portal to Records on Animal Abuse



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The USDA made this decision in 2016 Before Trump was president. Where was the outrage then?

bill 70 days ago

USDA shuts down portal to animal abusse

Thank you for your article on the action of the USDA to shut down online access to inspection reports. This action ties the hands of organizations and individuals who are equipped and ready to help the cause of animal welfare (which is a role of the USDA, after all), and needs to be re-visited and revised.

Margaret Schulte 77 days ago

Bullying animals

The epitome of Orwellian Newspeak must be the USDA's statement that it is committed to being transparent; the statement appears where one could previously access animal welfare violations. And I can't imagine anything that could make the new administration seem like bigger bullies than this attempt to take away protection for abused animals, by hiding the abuse from their champions. I am relieved to know that people on all sides of the political spectrum (e.g. Republican Rep. Ken Calvert) are against the chilling move.

Karen Dawn 77 days ago

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