The United States' Tragic Role in Iraq



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In the first place it isn't

In the first place it isn't called ISIS except by the western media and our government. The name of the organization, according to everybody over there including the Takfiri group itself, is ISIL, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. So, get that right. Then you fail to mention that this group is funded and trained by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and other Sunni Gulf States. Which makes it an ally of both the United States, Britain, France and yes, Israel. Most people in the Mideast, and Iraq in particular know that the Sectarian Conflict was actually created by the Americans, because that division for the most part had lost it's differences to most muslims there about 200 years ago. When the Americans came to Iraq they forced the Shia to carry identifying documents, identifying them as Shia. As far as the corruption of the Maliki government goes, in the mouths of Americans that's equivalent to the Pot calling the Kettle black. So, don't quote Obama, McCain or Bush, the Western Media (including the so=called Left in this country) or any other of our criminals to me. This country created these criminal forces, including what's known as al-Qaeda, this country(along with Britain, France and Israel) have created all the misery in the Mideast. We even installed Mr. Saddam, Hussein in his dictatorship, and when he failed to defeat Iran, with our money and weapons(even the gas was provided by Germany and Britain) we had him removed. That was a lot like Noriega in Panama, another one of our "good guys" that failed in his role as well, so we had him removed. You don't know your history, and because of your racism and bigotry you certainly don't understand Islam and it's history. But, I will let you in on a little clue, Sunni Islam is fake Islam just as Western Christianity is fake Christianity. And Talmudic Judaism is fake Judaism. The Shia are the only real religion operating in the Mideast right now. And, now that they have been totally abused they rise up to defend themselves.

BP Storm more than 2 years ago

Let what happened in the

Let what happened in the past stay in the past and let our president as Chief direct our military as he and his advisors know the present circumstances require. IIf they make mistakes then blame them not before they are guilty of any wrong doing ? I believe that they will do what is best first of our country and tax payers and Second for the our world .

Charlie Richardson more than 2 years ago

Those in Congress who funded,

Those in Congress who funded, supported, praised, otherwise contributed to the carnage should be named and shamed. Our murders of Vietnamese still hide the truth and live the good life. They too need to be condemned, None were blind. We should not forgive.

Bertram Garskof more than 2 years ago

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