The U.S. and ISIS



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Dear Sir

Dear Sir
Bombing will not get rid of ISIS. ISIS is well financed. If the rest of the world is serious about fighting ISIS I suggest the following:
1- Track antiquity dealers and bring them to justice because they benefited from dealing with ISIS by emptying prophet's tomb , other saints' tombs, ancient churches and mosques.
2- Turkey should be put on notice that it will not be acceptable to allow hundreds of oil tankers coming from Iraq and Syria to cross into turkey. This business is controlled by the Turks who obviously benefiting from the oil trade.
3- GCC countries should also be put on notice that contributions in the name of the displaced and going to takfiris will not be allowed.
4- USA and it's allies should admit that their military support against the Syrian government only benefited ISIS and it's sisters. They were aware of it, but as always thought they are smart enough to control these groups!!
5- u tube and other sites should immediately block any executions or any ISIS propaganda. These clips act as magnets to the psychotic individuals who will gladly join an organization that espouse maiming butchering raping and occasionally have fetish to eat human organs!!
6- If nazi school of thought is universally condemned , then takfiri Wahhabi school of though should also be universally condemned.
If these steps are adopted then there is a strong chance to defeat ISIS and it's sisters.
Ali M Rasi more than 2 years ago

I thoroughly agree with Mr.

I thoroughly agree with Mr. Rasi. That said, I don't see how US on the ground leadership can be avoided to win this conflict. Maybe its special forces attacks backed by Syrian Rebels, Kurds, Iraq Army, etc... The Saudi's also need to get their hands dirty here but they are afraid to fight against a Sunni enemy. Instability, however, only favors Iran. The Saudi's cannot allow an expansion of Iranian influence. Their leadership in the Middle East is eroding quickly enough already.

commonesnes more than 2 years ago

The U S of A has mounted a

The U S of A has mounted a full pincer movement against the possibility of opposition to western actions in Syria and Iran. When the world is at war it is difficult to oppose war.

Scott ffolliott more than 2 years ago

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