What Does Trump’s Victory Mean for Progressives?



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Trump will not last long. He

Trump will not last long. He will either self destruct or be impeached.

Carole 162 days ago

After reading your article

After reading your article and others like your's, I can see that the progressives are in full nuclear melt down.

XFiles 163 days ago

As a long-time reader of The

As a long-time reader of The Progressive, this opinion piece represents why I feel more distant and disillusioned with the far left than ever after this election. As a moderate, left-of-center progressive, I believed & still believe in the platform put forth by the DNC and Hillary Clinton. She and her campaign did listen to the far left, the center, and even, yes- some on the center-right, because you know what? That's the best way to lead a country as President and Commander-In-Chief. We saw that in President Obama, and we would have seen that in a President Clinton. The further-left progressive wing of the DNC, including Elizabeth Warren and our ally Bernie Sanders (who consistently voted the same as most Dems) continue to be more effective as Senators representing deep-blue states, who can afford to push a more left agenda while Dems from 'red' states have to be more moderate in their positions, because otherwise they would have little chance to ever hold office in the first place. Even as you laud the moderate-to-progressive accomplishments of the Obama administration, you still lambast Clinton for daring to campaign as a center-left vs. far left candidate. Does The Progressive not seek to examine any gray area in policy, at all? Do you honestly think that a significant percentage of Trump voters would have voted for an even further-left candidate than Clinton, that somehow Trump voters, while voting for the man endorsed by the KKK and supported by almost every extreme right-wing politician/public figure, are somehow actually 'progressive'? We do need to band together in the days/months/years ahead, but that includes the far-left tolerating dissent within their own ranks, and listening to moderate/center-left voices like mine. As much as I believe in progressive ideals, I also believe we need strategy. We keep talking of how the Dems would have had an assured victory if Sanders were the nominee, yet we also could have won had more on the far-left been more vocal in supporting Clinton, including speaking clearly and confidently up for her very real record of progressive accomplishments, from speaking out for gun control to standing up for women's reproductive rights. Still, as angry & frustrated as I am after reading Coniff's column and with the so-called progressive wing, I'm even angrier at the voters who did in fact elect Trump, voting against their self-interests if in fact they actually wanted an anti-establishment candidate (Trump embodies the 'establishment' more than Clinton ever did) who would fight for the working class. I will (continue) to join protests along side the far-left and center-left folks like myself, speak up, and fight for change and against the radical right-wing agenda. However if those protests end up being dominated by people throwing bricks through the windows of working-/middle-class properties and wearing bandanas over their faces and smoking pot, what kind of 'progressive' movement is that? We need actual leadership- from across the left spectrum -and goals. Will The Progressive reflect all sides? Will you report on all views of the left, not just the far left? Will you tolerate dissent as we seek to find common ground?

xtian2016 166 days ago

Long live liberty for social

Long live liberty for social democrats, democratic socialists, and independent progressives. Long live the Constitution that provides the way for our dreams to become reality. Divine Providence will assure us great victory in the years ahead.

Gena 167 days ago

Progressives have to exhibit

Progressives have to exhibit more empathy. They have to listen before speaking. Get the book Blue Jeans in High Places: The Coming Makeover of American Politics by Mike McCabe. Maybe someone in Trumps organization read the book. You have to get outside of the major cities and into the areas where people have been ignored. However, these might also be the people that want less Government intervention in their lives. Then when disaster hits they are sometimes the first to cry out for Government help. What should the Government do? Remember, we all have ownership in this. These are our tax dollars that go to work for people we do not even know. We are a Nation of people that should be sharing. This Country is great! I know because I have been to many Countries in this World. When I would get back home I would tell my friends that we do not appreciate what we have.
We have to keep engaged. We have to hold Trump under the microscope. This will not be easy.eltfn

Sparky 167 days ago

The only good socialist,

The only good socialist, communist, facist, progressive, big govt demigod, one world govt pushers are dead ones. Long Live Liberty! Long Live the constitution if the REPUBLIC of the United States of America!

Killacommieformommy 169 days ago

Such a long winded statement

Such a long winded statement for such a juvenile, simplistic sentiment.

Sister Sue 168 days ago

You will not succeed. Many

You will not succeed. Many will fight you.

EndFascismForever 167 days ago

So you believe anyone who

So you believe anyone who disagrees with you can be labeled with an epithet and eliminated. You believe that the free speech granted by the constitution is only for you. You believe you are the only one who can define Liberty. Hmmmm.....I think you may be confused but I am sure there is hope for you if you actually sit, grab some actual facts and cogitate on the real meaning of the word that means something very different from your description.

L lewis 164 days ago



Patriot 159 days ago

Forget the democrats. It's

Forget the democrats. It's time to organize the working class and form a new socialist movement. One that is dedicated to absolute equality for everyone who resides in the US. Amnesty and citizenship for all the undocumented who have emigrated to the US. No retreat, no compromise, no surrender!

Curtis K LaFollette 170 days ago

Freak,You and your "new"

Freak,You and your "new" socialist movement will be met with harsh resistance ---skip the socialism go straight to the communism I strongly suggest you do it far far away from the US maybe try China or North Korea is more to your liking

Citizen kanya 159 days ago

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