Trump's Limbo Contest: How Low Can Paul Ryan Go?



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With a man like T RUMP

With a man like T RUMP running for office, and a woman like $$$Clinton in the challenge, there is hardly any evidence to convince a real progressive to bother voting at all. The women who want a woman as president more than they want to stop and use the historical facts to base their decisions upon, are no more logical or ethical than the candidate herself. You cannot just ignore all of the past, the Clinton actions, votes, decisions to go into wars based on LIES, and just claim that you're using good sound reasoning when you vote for this woman. As a 65 year old white female, I grew up supporting females running for office. NO ONE wants a woman as president more than I. But I am not going to vote for a person lacking ALL Ethics and Logic, when I go into that voting booth. Nor will I vote for a sick old dinosaur like T Rump. Neither is a real choice for sane governing. Bernie Sanders was "A REAL CHOICE", and now we've basically lost that option because of stupidity, laziness, a lack of regard for highest ethics. Sickening!

Debra D 289 days ago

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