Trump Pick for Labor Secretary a Disaster for Workers



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Progressives should not be

Progressives should not be surprised by Trump's Cabinet picks. Trump is not a progressive. Progressives should remember that the Department of Labor, as a department of government, should serve all Americans and not be an advocate for the left. Dramatic increases in the minimum wage and other issues cited are public policy issues that affect all of us. The DOL in recent years has been a one-sided advocate for unions, redistribution, quotas and set-asides, ever-increasing regulation, and collectivism. Don't be surprised if Trump moves this government agency toward the middle, respecting the rest of America.

Billy 136 days ago

Hope Springs Eternal, don't

Hope Springs Eternal, don't it?

Sally 134 days ago

Way to go, union guts! You

Way to go, union guys! You helped to vote Trump in to office and now he's going to screw you good! He don't mind you working, he just doesn't believe you should be paid anything to do it!

Freck 136 days ago

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