The Trans Pacific Partnership: A Fast Track to Lost Jobs and Lower Wages



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I do not know who you are

I do not know who you are blaming for the plutocrats power, but nobody wanted it, they just figured out how to game the system and have evolved into parasites. They do not think Americans will do what it takes to rebel against their oppression, but I think it is time to get out the pitchforks before this traitors trade bill is passed.

Their stinkin' global economy is melting down, anyway. That is something you are not going to hear on their news stations. But it is why their greed has escalated. They think if they have more power it will save them, refusing to see they are the problem.

Lu more than 1 year ago

For those of you that haven't

For those of you that haven't figured it out yet - there are no longer Democrats and Republicans. All of Congress now works for the wealthy and have been working for the wealthy for many decades. Those of you that think that there are still Democrats and Republicans likely believe professional wrestling is real, too.

Professional Wrestling more than 1 year ago

Why is Obama pushing the TPP

Why is Obama pushing the TPP so hard, when it obviously is going to damage US workers who are supposed to be the Democratic base? The reason is that Obama knows that Bill Clintons made tens of millions after his presidency from corporations. A similar payoff waits for Obama.

It is mind blowing that Obama who campaigned on creating the “most transparent Presidency” is now keeping the details of TPP secret due to the fear that it will energize its opponents. It is hard to oppose something without knowing what it is.

The TTP is going to push the US worker down even further. Free trade agreements like NAFTA and MNF for China are the reason why workers wages are stagnant while corporations make record profits.

Back in 2008 voters had a lot of illusions about Obama, but I felt he could not be trusted. His dealings with Exelon had shown he would do corporations’ bidding.

McCain would have led the US into new foolish wars, but he is too honest to try to pass secret trade agreements. The damage to US workers from free trade agreements is practically permanent. The rotten economy has led to a spike in suicides, especially among middle aged white males. Expect this sorry situation to continue.

Jay more than 2 years ago

I voted for Obama in his

I voted for Obama in his first run for President, he spoke like a Progressive and a friend of the people, but I soon saw him for what he was, another Republican in Democratic clothes. He wanted to be in the in-crowd and loved the power of his position, he just happened to be the wrong color. He has no interest in helping the American people and his accomplishments can be seen as a pro-elite and people-pandering agenda. I think he may do as much damage as W Bush did before he is gone. But then, the American people need to take the lion share of that criticism by keeping the plutocrats in power, regardless of which party they are in.

Richard more than 2 years ago

The most important question I

The most important question I have about this is, "What do you think TPP can do to American jobs and wages that NAFTA and CAFTA are not already doing (and will continue to do forever unless Congress is willing to repeal these deals)?" It seems to me that the off-shoring of high-paid, low-skills jobs is a permanent fact for America. Thus, it is disingenuous to label it "job-killing". You can't kill a dead horse.

Please answer this for me. I have asked it on every internet notice I have sen and nobody has an answer for me.

Art Lowell more than 1 year ago

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