Torture, Drones, and Hollywood: A Former CIA Operative Talks



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I wonder if Bob and the

I wonder if Bob and the "Hunting Hitler" team know about Catelina Gamero, the Eichhorns and Residencia Inalco.

Noonen more than 1 year ago

In reference to "Hunting

In reference to "Hunting Hitler", I wonder if Hitler's fingerprints would still be retrievable from the stone house he was in in Misiones, Argentina.

Ellen Mooring more than 1 year ago

As I see it , the only

As I see it , the only reasons we are involved in the middle east are
to protect our oil supply and protect Israel .We would have been better off if we'd given Israel the green light and let them take care of the Arab problem with our supplies .We've wasted millions of dollars and too many lives to count , only to be viewed as the big evil . I would like to hear a discussion of what the North Korean government would become if Kim suddenly dropped dead of natural or other causes .

Jim Collins more than 1 year ago

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