Top Five Bogus Defenses of Scott Walker



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Walker thinks case if over...

Walker thinks case if over... It's not, it's now in a higher Federal Court... The 7th Circuit Federal Appeals Court. it was only temporally stopped by a partisan Republican Judge in the lowest of the three levels of Federal Courts.

Norm Goldman gives us his legal analysis on what's going on in Wisconsin Scott Walker John Doe Case

For those who want to jump right to it, it begins about 10 minutes into the podcast... note timer and scroll bar to slide or jump ahead on the audio bar.

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PS: Battle in the Badger State

Correction, it begins about 9 minutes into it...

having said that, I think this link may be on topic as well

Gov.Scott Walker faked a "budget Crisis"

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On my PS of my post I'm replying to, regarding Scott Walker FAKING a Budget Crisis, I forgot to mention that he did it TWICE ! ... ONCE in Milwaukee AS COUNTY EXECUTIVE and then AGAIN as Governor... BOTH times it was Ginned up as a false pretext to do away with unions and union workers as Rachel Maddow explains in her Wakenhut video the link takes you to.

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