Tommy Thompson Says He Wants to “Do Away with Medicaid and Medicare”



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I would get rid of Medicaid

I would get rid of Medicaid and merge it into Medicare.

Dave T more than 1 year ago

The war on poverty has cost

The war on poverty has cost the US 22 trillion dollars, and it hasn't solved anything. It's time to rip off the bandage fast and finally get rid of Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment, and Food Stamps. 49.5% of this country gets handouts from one of those mentioned programs. That's insane, we have more consumers than producers, and at some point soon the producers are going to get sick and tired of subsidizing millions of deadbeats and leave or revolt or something.

It's time to stop hoping for the federal government to minimize itself and take action. The states in this country need to step in and straighten us out again through a convention. A convention of states allows new amendments to the Constitution after being passed by 3/4 of the 50 states. These amendments could include: Balanced budget, Fair tax (flat national sales tax instead of income tax - taxes consumption not production), term limits, and several others transferring power from the feds to the states as was originally intended by the framers.

George Pickett more than 1 year ago

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