When Bombs Fall, There Is Always Someone Underneath



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another illegal war action by the US...the bigger question is, should the US stop being the world's policeman? I say yes.

Vince 19 days ago

Charactorization of La Follette as a Pacifist

This magazine's repeated characterization of Robert "Fighting Bob" La Follette as a pacifist that somehow universally opposed war is simply not historically accurate.

In Richard Drake's book on La Follette he goes into great detail of how Fighting Bob was a, "Bloody Shirt Republican," that strongly supported the Civil War and said the North would always be "eternally right" to fight the South and preserve the Union in opposition to slavery. In fact, he even compared the Civil War's righteousnous to the Revolutionary War. Further, Drake say LaFollette wasn't opposed to the Spanish American War, which of course was the big war for America before WWI. Yes, he opposed WWI (like many people in his day) and history has proven him to be right for doing so, but that doesn't make him into this Gandhi charactor you all insist on with fundamentalist fervor.

Specifically, the suggestion that La Follette would oppose Trump's action, because he opposed WWI, has no foundation and is comparing apples to oranges. I would argue that La Follette very much supported going to war if he thought there was a moral imperative for doing so and would have very much been sympathetic to the imperative of intervening when someone used chemical weapons on helpless civilians.

Felix Greenberg (Chicago, Illinois -- please also consider for magazine comments) 20 days ago

Fighting Bob

Thank you for you comments. To clarify, our article was stating that "the sentiments that have guided The Progressive over the past 108 years," were those of opposing militarism. The article quoted Dr. King on this topic as well. As for Fighting Bob, the reference quoted was specifically about the entrance into WWI and moreover, specifically from an article citing the need for Congress to be consulted in what Sen. Rand Paul refers to as "a proper debate." A sentiment re-enforced by Rep. Barbara Lee when she said "Anything less is an abdication of our responsibility."

Robert M. La Follette is certainly a complex figure, and the subject of numerous biographies. Our magazine, which he founded in 1909, remains a voice for peace, social justice, and the common good. Fighting Bob's stated goal for the magazine (originally published as La Follette's Weekly) was “winning back for the people the complete power over government —national, state, and municipal—which has been lost to them.” A goal as yet unrealized.

Sincerely, Norm Stockwell

Progressive.org 19 days ago

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