The Age of Mass Unemployment Is Nigh, and That’s Not the Worst of It



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Coliberalism is the answer

What is emerging is a new economic model that actually embraces automation by removing the market's monopoly in determining value to include social capital, human creativity etc, called coliberalism.

"Coliberalism works by relegating the market to being a subset of society rather than being its central institution, as it is under neoliberalism. This has the effect of quarantining the broader community from the withering impact of self-interest while freeing the market to deliver economic benefits with minimum regulation and minimum taxation.

Under coliberalism the traditional process of sharing wealth through salary, wages, taxation and redistribution is expanded to include human creativity and social capital as recognized by direct feedback through Trruster.

Coliberalism frees the market to automate to improve efficiency while sharing the gains more equitably and more broadly on a global basis by rewarding human creativity, ingenuity and social capital building."

See for more details.

George 27 days ago

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