Ted Cruz's Billionaire Backer Busted in Largest ICE Raid in U.S. History



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Making millions off the backs

Making millions off the backs of poor people - a time honored American tradition.

joann wallace more than 1 year ago

Tom Hicks is a career

Tom Hicks is a career criminal. He bought the house next to his for W Bush to retire to. He arranged for W to get a lrge piece of the Texas Rangers franchise, for ZERO capital contribution. When Hicks blackmailed Arlington into building a free stadium for the Rangers, that partial ownership interest became W's main source of wealth - his earlier oil ventures having become worthless. Hicks was also deeply involved in running penny stock pump&dump promotions through Sanders Morris Mundy, a corrupt Dallas broker dealer, often bringing in Saudi royal money to participate in the schemes, and then had an active investigation by the SEC blocked by W friend and SEC head Christopher Cox. Hicks believes he cannot be stopped by any law, and he buys off politicians to make it so. Cruz will be his next White House puppet.

Observer more than 1 year ago

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