Teachers’ Protest in Oaxaca Has Deep Roots



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Oaxaca need teachers who can

Oaxaca need teachers who can teach not to fight when they do the strikes no one gets the benefits but them when they get their checks, since I remember and this is a 30 plus years ago they been in strike for any minimum razor just to not work but get a check,now that the president if we can call him like that he's at some other countries when he doesn't care for what the teachers want,he will do what he wants like he been doing what he wan it and when he want it no one can stop him he has power and money, we need to stop the drama and take action no strikes but instead action with out dead people has always,when we learn how to fight with out getting involved in to people dying we will win,until then our people who supposedly teach us how to be better Mexico they fighting like people with out education and people with out education knows how to do things in the right way.

Anonymous 271 days ago

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