Stand Up and Sit In for Democracy



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Small nitpick. Democracy

Small nitpick. Democracy Spring is the group marching from Philly to D.C., and will be holding the sit-in from April 11 - 18. Democracy Awakening will be in DC to protest April 16 - 18. The phrasing of the article sounds as though D.A. is the group marching.
Go Democracy Spring!! Go Democracy Awakening! All my hope and support goes with you guys!

Laura Quimby more than 1 year ago

Why did people wait so long

Why did people wait so long to protest? They are acting like the U.S. only recently turned into a fascist nation. We have had a fascist, corporate dictatorship disguised as a democracy for more than a century. People have really been asking for it. It is irreversible at this point and I would bet my entire life that this protest will make literally no difference whatsoever. In fact, on the Democracy Spring website, they have put a starting and ending date, so they aren't even planning on staying for any significant length of time. Why would congress or corporate America not wait it out just like they did during the Occupy "movement"?

UnlockYoourMind more than 1 year ago

Whatever happened to

Whatever happened to "peaceful non violent protest"? That worked Mr. King, and Gandhi, and we sure ain't celebrating a Malcolm X day.

>The people know they have been robbed. And a powerful anti-Big Money sentiment is what has fueled 2016’s spectacular Bernie & Donnie runs._

Yeah and this whole event is funded by George Soros one of the fattest of the cats in the industry who has his own personal plans, I can't tell whether you people are really naive or just plan ignorant.

Jim Jacobs more than 1 year ago

Huh? A sit-in is exactly the

Huh? Naive? Ignorant? A sit-in IS peaceful non violent protest, exactly the type of strategy employed by King and Gandhi. Were you around during the civil rights movement? India's struggle for independence? Do you think they just gave speeches and wrote letters to their elected representatives and change occurred?

David more than 1 year ago

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