What’s at Stake at Standing Rock



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This is both an environmental

This is both an environmental and cultural issue, two issues which historically have not carried a lot of weight with our government. As a nation we continue to trod on Natve American people as though their lives are of no consequence. The original route of the pipe line was moved away from Bismarck and the potential to foul their water supply. The environment doesn't stand much of a chance either, it is about money. Make the fat cats richer and everything else be damned.

Jon Henderson 145 days ago

Its no wonder GREED is a

Its no wonder GREED is a deadly sin.

Tinika 150 days ago

Just one more betrayal of the

Just one more betrayal of the First Nation peoples-their land- their culture- their religion by American exceptionalism in pursuit of -what else-money-the only commodity that has any resonance with the greed of the corporatist culture and their flunkies -the political class-be ready for more violent suppression-the velvet glove has been taken off the fist(DAPL-Occupy-BLM) and the fist handed to Trump-they have been arming the police like the army for years now-did you really believe this is for your safety or because they know the inevitable unrest from their greed will eventually boil over-exactly what is being "played out" in the Dakotas right now.

rick straw 150 days ago

I beseech President Obama to

I beseech President Obama to step in and stop DAPL immediately. How else can we get him to do it? Should there be a peaceful protest or demonstration at the White House so he could obviously see the people there?

Part Cherokee 151 days ago

Very well written. The news

Very well written. The news blackout and the non response of our "leaders" is a national disgrace. There are crimes against humanity being perparated on U.S soil by the very people who are tasked with and paid for protecting those they are assaulting.

Rob Ganson 153 days ago

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