Six Steps Short of War to Beat ISIS



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As Benjamin Franklin once

As Benjamin Franklin once said, to sacrifice freedom for security profits neither. We can not as Americans back away and cower in the face of this enemy. And we certainly can not allow the mindset of Isis to spread in our media. This only gives them publicity and the motivation to strike again.

Jim more than 1 year ago


No diplomacy will have any result if hatred and revenge is not removed from the hearts and minds of the leaders.
There are ways to do this. Use them.

TIAGO more than 1 year ago

So the six 'steps' are really

So the six 'steps' are really just one. Do nothing.
The notion that there is room for negotiation is fantasy.
This magic solution offers the same advice to those under ISIS rule that Ghandi offered to the German jews as an alternative to self-defence, namely to commit mass suicide. Which is why this Hymn or Appeasement is being peddled by 'Stop the War Coaltion' and other fundamentalist pacisfist reactionary groups.
ISIS are a result of the paranoid Consumerist rat-race, if anything, which drives everyone crazy and power-mad to one degree or other. The one 'step' is therefore to eradicate consumerism. But the green light to ISIS was definitely the refusal of the west to act after the chemical attacks by Assad on his own people. Even then, a co-ordinated strike campaign against their highly visible and exposed heavy weaponry would have nipped them inthe bud.
But instead, the assumption was that the past always happens again in exactly the same way. Assad was allowed to continue his butshery, and ISIS to reap the benefit of the chaos.

gardenshed more than 2 years ago

How did we end WW2?

How did we end WW2?

Thought more than 2 years ago




DOGS more than 1 year ago

Step 7. Stop publicizing the

Step 7. Stop publicizing the Isis murders of foreign journalists. They don't happen when the world is reeling from plane crashes and Ebola outbreaks.They happen when the media will increase the furor. Isis feels more powerful because of the furor. Stop referring to the murders as executions. They are murders. And stop pleaing for the victims' lives-- not because we don't care, but because we know the pleas won't be successful. The murders will still take place and Isis will benefit from the publicity.

Ted more than 2 years ago

Phyllis, gets the facts of

Phyllis, gets the facts of this war right,
It is at it's heart a Sunni Insurgance

The Us and Australia is focusing too much on ISIS and not on
the truth of the Separatist State push by the Sunnis being the real fanning
fire behind this war. If they do manage to weaken Isis to any great degree
they still will not have solved the issue of territorial warfare between the
Shi-ite and Sunni tribes. I think their best bet would be to focus their attention
and resources on protecting their citizens at home and letting nature take
it's course in the form of the most dominant warlords(territorial males) taking power
and subduing and bringing peace to the area in a way that America just cannot,.because we
are bound to fighting wars like gentlemen.

When the dust has finally settled and the Arabs have sorted it all out then America and
Australia can seek to then deal with the new rulers and commanders.

It is quite probable that the more moderate Sunnis may eventually turn on the nasty elements of ISIS
when they have finally achieved a New Sunni land and territory.

All the West should do is wait and see and come down ruthlessly on any terrorist elements
on home soil. The state needs laws and powers to over-ride the law courts while this threat
is current. In the case of national security I believe the State should hold the power because
being fair and waiting for evidence is just not going to stop threats. By all means let the media
report on what's happening to cast a watchful eye on things, but let the government have the
power until there is peace once more between us and the middle east. Or at least a time of more
and reasonableness.

Cheryl Lawlor more than 2 years ago

Do you honestly believe there

Do you honestly believe there is a diplomatic solution to this? In order for there to be peace, all parties concerned have to agree to it, and I don't imagine these barbarians will agree to end a religious war that they themselves have begun.

Mike Williams more than 2 years ago

Thank you, Phyllis, for your

Thank you, Phyllis, for your work! I will share it with my East Bay Peace Action colleagues.

Joanna Pearlman more than 2 years ago

Obama should be IMPEACHED if

Obama should be IMPEACHED if he continues to REFUSE TO
OBTAIN CONGRESSIONAL AUTHORIZATION FOR IRAQ WAR III as well as UN SECURITY COUNCIL AUTHORIZATION for this and for his criminal REGIME CHANGE intervention in UKRAINE as well as for threatening Russia with B-2 Stealth Bombers LOADED with nuclear weapons now stationed in Eastern Europe

thom prentice more than 2 years ago

An hysterical reply doesn't

An hysterical reply doesn't cut it; Congress doesn't wish to consider anything serious: nor do you!

Donald Isenman more than 2 years ago

Excellent article-- would you

Excellent article-- would you allow me to reprint it, with credit, of course?

Matthew R Bishop more than 2 years ago

Hmm, so Ms. Bennis just

Hmm, so Ms. Bennis just decided that these 6 things would be sufficient to solve the ISIS problem, a problem we are ultimately responsible for, without even mentioning the number one determining factor--money. Remember, Ms. Bennis, that the U.S. is the worlds' biggest arms dealer and, you know darn well they will contribute heavily to any and all political parties that provide them with the opportunity to increase their profits. Do you honestly believe Mr, Obama is going to totally dismiss an opportunity to increase the available money to the DNC? Fat chance. Politics is politics no matter what side you're on, no matter how many innocents die.

steve more than 2 years ago

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