Senseless Mini-War, Shameless Murder



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The reporter is clearly blind

The reporter is clearly blind, deaf and dumb. The Jews of Israel and around the world openly expressed their outrage over the murder of Palestinian teenager. They were horrified. I read many articles and op ed pieces by Jews calling for the jewish community to search their souls and ask themselves whether their behavior on various fronts somehow made it seem acceptable to the murderers to commit such a heinous crime. Rabbis from every denomination denounced the crime , as did jewish community leaders
How is it possible that the author didn't notice. Moreover, he asserts that there would be outrage if any group screamed that there should be death to the Jews. Again, does he not have a television or newspaper or a computer. All over the world there are marches calling for that and the screamers aren't making any distinction between Jews and Israelis. He must have missed the crowd in Paris who surrounded a synagogue last week ,viciously making threats such that the police 've had to escort the Jews out of the building. I'm here in the US and I'm reading six Israeli newspapers online to see what is happening, including the very left wing ones. I also read reputable us papers and jewis communal publications. The jewish reaction to the Palestinian teen's murder and reports of the anti-jewish riots are right there for all to see. If the author is in tel Aviv he can't possibly be oblivious to the jewish communitiy's horror at the murder. He is therefore lying to all of you. I note he doesn't mention the Palestinian response to the kidnappings, which included celebrations in the streets and handing out cakes and candy. I have been against the settlements on the west bank and believe almost all of them should be dismantled and I have supported negotiations for a Palestinian state from 40 years ago when the mere mention of israel negotiating with the palestians was anathema. I had the privilege of being called a "self hater" by a Midwestern newspaper for saying thAt. I think the far left often adopts an approach that thinks it's ok to lie to make a point and if it furthers a political agenda. Criticize israel 's policies all you want ;,plenty of Israel's do that daily, but don't lie about jewish responses to murder and ignore the fact that that, indeed, screams for death to the Jews is occurring regularlyvaround the world. Calls for deaths to Arabs on the part of Jews occurs very infrequently.and when it does (as it did recently In jerusalem after it was known that the three kidnapped teens were fed), it is usually by an a group that is not typical.

amy heyman more than 2 years ago

This article and its slant

This article and its slant offends any fair-minded individual. Ten thousand rockets at Israel civilians is overlooked because it doesn't fit the Hate Israel agenda. I will never contribute to the Progressive Movement another dime asl long as it is an arm of radical Islam.

Fred Donaldson more than 2 years ago

I personally lose sleep over

I personally lose sleep over the goings on in Gaza, home to a people(some refugees on their own land) who have no military(except Zionist occupiers)yet are seen as big threats to Israeli security. I'm sad for the victims that initiated these overt hostilities of both sides, of which Israel has a stark advantage,Thanks American people for the daily $8 million a day used to oppress those in the WB and Gaza. Fact is, Israel like any bully, the slightest excuse to maim murder and justify its bad behavior will do. Usually its that kids throw rocks in protest to the IOF, more significantly, Hamas rockets, which compared to Israel firepower is mostly noise makers, again symbolic protest of the occupation of Zionists. Israel will only be satisfied when it has succeeded in its total ethnic cleansing of Palestine, ya gotta love the steadfastness of Palestinians who stay, for it'd be safer to just leave(Israeli main goal is to make it so bad, they do).
I sobbed watching the Days of Remembrance series by the Shoah Foundation and Steven Spielberg, which only cause more sadness, for those I cry for descendents are doing to the Palestinians what was done to their ancestors, and began not so long after the end of the Holocaust, as victims tried to recover from their ordeals.
More and more I'm like Rachel Corrie:
"I'm witnessing this chronic, insidious genocide and I'm really scared, and questioning my fundamental belief in the goodness of human nature.
This has to stop.
I think it is a good idea for us all to drop everything and devote our lives to making this stop."

Is that what its going to take to stop the oppressors?Has the world lost its heart, its compassion? I once thought America was the most caring ever, and to find ulterior motives and agendas is disheartening, using 'humanitarian goals' to get into a country to eventually grab its resources, is not a caring heart, but then I have to recall Jefferson's Trail of Tears, and the white Europeans' mandate from god to force Native Americans from their land, and all the actions used to gain American citizens confidence to go to do its wars. Is that why the US doesn't stop Israel? It sees itself, its colonial child. Those Israeli tanks and jets are actually USA tanks and jets.
Like Rachel my heart is broken. If I were younger and in better health I'd join her cause physically.

Raymond more than 2 years ago

Minor correction - it was

Minor correction - it was President Andrew Jackson who sent the Cherokee nation on the Trail of Tears, not Thomas Jefferson.

Other than that, spot-on and much appreciated.

Tom more than 2 years ago

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