Senate Moves to Check Executive Spying Power



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We all owe you gratitude for

We all owe you gratitude for Shahhid Battar's work. This is a most heartening article.

These current events are a momentous start. They appear to indicate that we are witnessing the positive results of adherring to the rule of law.

I understand: there is much work to be done but this is wonderful news.

What I think would be a profoundly important event is for consequences to be brought to those who violated the hightest public trust: "defend the Constitution for all enemies foreign and domestic".

This American will not be satisfied until those on Wall Street, in the Wisconsin state government, on K Street be brought to justice. The suffering of mankind wrought by Ayn Randian sociopaths has been comparable to that wrought by human kind's wrst enemies during the lead up to and during W.W. II.

We cannot have any "do not go to jail, collect $200" Gerald Ford pardons while the people have been victims of domestic and war crimes.

Eisenhower was right.......the military industrial complex and the power elite have powerfully proven themselves of being the "wolves of Wall Street and the wolves of Washington (D.C).

Post script.......any country that will allow Citizens United and the revolving door of lobbyiests and government officials cannot not survive.

Salvatore Liotta more than 1 year ago

How does McConnell even do

How does McConnell even do that wiith his mouth?

acme more than 1 year ago

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