Senate Historian Removes Ron Johnson's Big Lie from Official Bio



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I have stopped relying on

I have stopped relying on politifact as it seems to be quite biased es when it comes to "half truths". They speculate, to maneuver, and distort to make the "truths" at least fit halfway.

carol 298 days ago

The importance of real

This highlights the importance of a real journalist's work. This Senator is embarrassing to watch. He's like Trump with endless streaming distortions of just about everything. Thank you for your work.

Robert Kolbe 300 days ago

His success is meeting and

His success is meeting and marrying his college sweetheart. Then his daddy in law gave him the plant to run. He founded and started nothing. Surprising that this hasnt been brought to light by the media.

Glenn 302 days ago

Seems like the Senator has

Seems like the Senator has redacted his past in order to gild the present. No surprises here, Johnson is a member of that branch of the Republican Party I like to call the GRIM. It includes the greedy, the redacted, the intolerant and the mean-spirited. It's what the GOP is all about. Out of necessity. They could not win one election without a large following of GRIM.

Larry Kresse 333 days ago

Correction made. Thank you!

Correction made. Thank you!

Progressive Web Editor 340 days ago

Very informative! One slight

Very informative! One slight correction, you refer to a "railroad spoke" when perhaps the term should be "railroad spur."
I can't find any such thing as "railroad spoke."

Dave Fallow 342 days ago

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