Scott Walker and ‘The L Word’



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While Walker lies all the

While Walker lies all the time, I wonder if he thinks he is lying when he repeats what his closest supporters, Mike Grebe, the Bradley Foundation and a network of influential conservatives, including the Kochs tell him to say and what to do. When he uses the "royal We" it is them to whom he is referring along with his closest adviser, Tonette. They are the ones responsible for the lies don't you know. Because Walker is such a good upstanding man that he would never do that on his own. Lying has become second nature to him and he doesn't give it a second thought. I don't think he really cares what comes out of his mouth so long as it gets him votes and gives him more power.

myfivecents more than 1 year ago

I find it amazing that these

I find it amazing that these reports justify skirting the truth in reporting. They must be afraid of losing access to Walker and therefore tread gently with presenting the full facts. They are of the style that " 2+2= something"…let the reader figure it out. No holding Walkers feet to the fire here.

Mary Carle more than 1 year ago

These people aren't reporters

These people aren't reporters. They're stenographers, and they are a huge reason why scottyboy is getting away with so many lies.... and they are lies, folks.

gary van ess more than 1 year ago

Two weeks BEFORE the election

Two weeks BEFORE the election,. Walker claimed our state had a $300 million SURPLUS, which he said would be spent on education. A week AFTER the election, his office projected a $2 billion DEFICIT, and said we needed to cut $300 million from the UW. Not a single one of the news reports on Walker's newly-discovered post-election deficit mentioned his claims of a surplus, made less than a month before. So even by the lame standard of "We report, you decide," they don't do their jobs.

Steve Burns more than 1 year ago

Liar! What why even this

Liar! Why won't even this poster call him what he is: A Pathological Liar? The man will simply make stuff up, Joe Isuzu-style, to get people to like him - and THAT is what these reporters are not reporting! His Lying IS the story, and the overarching fact pattern that these timid reporters are failing to describe to their readers. Shame on these cowardly scribes - I won't call them Journalists. A journalist will report a Liar to be a Liar.

Steve Duskin more than 1 year ago

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