Scott Walker’s Track Record in Wisconsin



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I have been a Wisconsin

I have been a Wisconsin resident for a long time now and there NEVER has been anyone so obviously enjoined with the powers that seek to destroy all of the good things that have been put in place to make our state a leader. His policies have taken us back to the days of mob rule and ilicit political action, all under the guise of creating non-existant jobs and ghost economic growth. There has been some growth, but it is a backward movement and I hope this spectre of false information follows him throughout his limited political ambition days. We need another well-publicized fake call from David to let the people of America know more about our Scottie.

Jerry Viste more than 1 year ago

Gov. Walker went beyond the

Gov. Walker went beyond the rhetoric, building
a corporate caliphate from the bones of a progressive state. The American Right love him for this.

Donn Smith more than 1 year ago

Brilliant. Just listened to

Brilliant. Just listened to Ruth Conniff's interview on Public Radio. I have yet to listen to a more learned speaker on the WI ultra right and what Walker and his "colleagues" benefactors have done or propose being done to the state, yet alone the country if he gets the Republican nod. He is by far the worse thing that has happened to this state since McCarthy. For the life of me I can't fathom how anyone could support him or his warped politics.

Dr. David more than 1 year ago

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