Scott Walker’s Racist Announcement



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I'm sure you will all agree

I'm sure you will all agree that ANYONE who doesn't support or vote for Dr. Ben Carson is OBVIOUSLY racist.

Russ Lindberg more than 1 year ago

I think we need to be really

I think we need to be really careful with our comments regarding Walker in Wisconsin. The vast majority here in Wisconsin have embraced the Walker platform and we are now in the minority. From the Wisconsin voters perspective we have become the "lunatic fringe". Offending people will yield nothing. Right now I am deeply concerned with news articles concerning the Clinton emails while she was Secretary Of State. Because two inspector generals have accused her of wrong doing I'm expecting the FBI to begin investigations. If she is mired in legal problems come election time what will we do?? I really don't think Bernie Sanders is able to bring us a "win". What are we to do??

Peter Loken more than 1 year ago

Ruth, thank you for writing

Ruth, thank you for writing this article!
As a conservative in IL I supports Gov Walker, though I do not agree with all his positions.

I confess I do feel at times about liberals and IL politicians as you do about Gov Walker. You demonize him and your hatred speaks much louder than your words. I am going to try to change my perspective about liberals and believe they want is right for the country as well. Questioning the character of those with whom you disagree is a petty habit that leads nowhere

Scott more than 1 year ago

"What do voter ID, drug tests

"What do voter ID, drug tests for food stamps recipients, warnings about Islamic terrorists coming for your children, Castle Doctrine, and concealed carry have in common? They all appeal to paranoid white voters who want to put black and brown people in their place."

So you're saying that people without ID, drug addicts, and Islamic terrorists, are black and brown? Who's the racist here? Humans are humans, no matter their ethnic background. Try and distance yourself from the biased finger pointing, and focus on what matters most to you... If biased finger pointing is most important, by all means, keep on spewing trash.

Mark more than 1 year ago

Oh no. The sky is falling,

Oh no. The sky is falling, the sky is falling. First of all, the author shows his incompetence when quoting the 2 republicans that said the budget is crap. They didn't think it was fiscally conservative enough. Perfect example of spinning the truth. I love when liberals hammer on the 250K job promise. Ummm, go back and look at all the Obama promises with the stimulus. Didn't work the way he said it would did it? I would be willing to bet many of the liberals complaining about Walker's policies were and still are mute about that. Politicians make promises on the campaign trail. It's what they do. The real morons are the ones who believe them. I am not rich and I am not a lunatic, but I support Governor Walker. The reforms he put in place are working . If they aren't working fast enough for you then how about you liberals drop the hypocrisy and complain about Obama's policies?? I won't hold my breath.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

Seriously though, where is

Seriously though, where is the 'racist' comment???

Terry more than 1 year ago

The problem is, he's a

The problem is, he's a pathological liar who doesn't play by the rules. He makes up his own rules. One note here, Waukesha, the city, is not a "wealthy white suburb". It has a large Hispanic population. Waukesha County is the more fitting use. Others cities in that county are more wealthier city of Waukesha.y than

Nick more than 1 year ago

Anyone that actually still

Anyone that actually still believes the shit that Walker is spewing have to be absolute morons!

Wayne more than 1 year ago

Walker's Money-Masters at

Walker's Money-Masters at ALEC are defining the coming class/race war if Walker gains any traction at all. He will excite the lunatic fringe and rich donors but his damage to actual citizens of all races is readily visible. It will be greatly embarrassing to have Walker speak for his version of "Wisconsin Values". Values that only the truly greedy and selfish can embrace.

kevin stellman more than 1 year ago

His values are not "Wisconsin

His values are not "Wisconsin Values". Wisconsin has always been proud to be a progressive state. Our strength is in our people, our schools, our diversity. Scott Walker has turned all of that on it's ear. I fear for our country if he - or any of his ilk take control.

Elaine Penpek more than 1 year ago

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