Scott Walker Announces Reelection Bid in Typical Fashion



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Walker, with the help of ALEC

Walker, with the help of ALEC is the most pro-corporate, cunning, corrupt, divide and conquer, bait and switch governor that I can remember and I am 90 years old. His goal and that of his close ally, ALEC, he is abolishing democracy by limiting local control.His goal is to privatize all public entities and hand over our state to corporations. Then he can roll back environmental controls so that people like the Koch's can use our state power plants to destroy the health of our people. He wants to trash our public schools and privatize them so that parents will have to deal with corporations regarding their children's education, while corporate teachers paid by our taxes fill the minds of of children with the BS of the free market philosophy that is destroying the middle class. This is just a start on Walker. He is only interested in his own ambition--not the people of our state. I guess what I can not understand is how our electorate can be so dumb or uninformed as to not see the sneakiness and trickery in this self serving man. more than 2 years ago


Amen more than 2 years ago

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