Sasha Abramsky: The Dope Dealer Who Got 55 Years



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It is now 5-10-15, Weldon is

It is now 5-10-15, Weldon is still kept in his mandatory cursed cage, the president hasn't done anything yet to solve the mandatory minimum sentencing law curses that has been inflicted on even the most innocent of minor offense prisoners. I didn't read the full paragraph about the fact that Weldon was involved with a notorious street gang back in 2002-03 or the fact he dropped out of high school after allowing himself to impregnate a girl or two at an early age, which is no wonder he had kids at pretty young age. The main reason is that throughout his life Weldon has made some of the most dumbest, dangerous choices that would lead him to getting where he is now... Another lifetime prisoner of the "system". But in all the mis comprehension deep down he really is a good guy who's only regards was to give his kids a better life. One in which he never had growing up, and I think he wants to make up for all of the crap he put himself and his family into from the start. I believe he deserves another chance at life, like his sister Lisa said in another interview, "Even good people make mistakes." Weldon had his share of serving time for his mistakes and now he is being wrongly convicted in a manner so harsh that is worthy for Real criminals who committed Real crimes. And the tragic thing about it is he is not the only one. We have got to readjust our Criminal Justice System and only way of doing so is by taking the country back through our voices and our votes. The next presidential race is one that will stand as being the most impacted voting race in history, because as being known through the ages as "the land of the Free" has certainly not been living up to its potentiality. We are going to bring justice and equality back into what suppose to make America "the greatest country on Earth" when in fact we are not right now just there Yet. I'm going to be voting for the right person to be the next "Commander & Chief" for the next 4 years and if they succeed, they will most likely put an end to the mandatory minimum curse forever and set every innocent inmate free including Weldon. I want to see him start his life over again on a new leaf, where he and his family will finally earn that happy ending/beginning that millions of others like him have been dreaming, fighting, crying and praying they would achieve someday. He would find a new career and be able to provide for his family again only this time it WILL be better. I still fight for every good american's rights to seek freedom and justice from now on, and I will keep fighting for Weldon's freedom to until he and his loved ones love happily ever after! God Bless America's Innocent Prisoners & Veterans & God Bless America***

Gabe more than 1 year ago

If you're reading this, you

If you're reading this, you know very well that this man deserves his freedom. It's been 11 long and suffering years for him and his family, anybody in their right minds would say his sentencing is outrageous and harsh beyond knowledge! He has served his time long enough and has learned his lesson and realized how much of his "actions" costed almost half of his life and now his family and lawyers are fighting for his freedom. If they don't earn the President's pardon before the end of his term, Weldon and his family will be suffering for another year or a half until the next Prez hopefully gives the pardon. But until then, Weldon will be spending another day, week, month, or year trapped behind bars serving his 55 year mandatory curse and his kids will continue to grow up without their father physically being there instead of a phone call and his dad is at the point of possibly dying without his son to comfort him in his possible final days of life!!! We have got to get Weldon out before it becomes Too Late! I promise I will do everything in my power to help the Angelos family reunite with Weldon and set him Free At Last! Sincerely, an Angel on Earth*

Gabe more than 2 years ago

It is now 03-25-15...And he's

It is now 03-25-15...And he's still in there!!! I wasn't aware of this story since it was announced in 2004. Now it has been 11 years since he was incarcerated...11 YEARS, and 44 years later he'll be out by the time he's 78 or 80 and his kids are grandparents!!!

This is almost like the same horrifying concept as it was for Solomon Northup, the real protagonist in his 12 years of slavery, this is the same constant problem dealing with today's drug conviction sentencing rules. The so-called "War on Drugs" has taken its toll on destroying the lives of countless innocent offenders and their families, Weldon unfortunately being one of them.

I'm not gonna sit back and wait until our current president or the next pres. gives him the Pardon he and his family have been waiting and fighting for, I'm gonna promote his freedom, until at last he is reunited with his family as soon as possible. Because his kids are gonna be graduating high school this year and the last thing they want is to not see their dad sitting in the audience as his sons march up the platform receiving their certificates (diplomas)...

55 years is not a sentence, It's A Curse!!! A curse I vow that I am going to help break. I'm going to Free Weldon Angelos! ! ! And End the injustice that has been shadowing America for nearly a century and prove that the US constitution must be followed that Franklin's concept in The Bill Of Rights will now and forever state officially that "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL" and revitalizing the government to prove to the world that America can be A Just Nation from now on!

President Obama, if you're reading this? Please do everyone a favor...GIVE HIM THE PARDON PLEASE!!!


Gabe more than 2 years ago

he is out !!

he is out !!

stephan 301 days ago

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