Sanders Asks Iowans to "Lead Country in a New Direction"



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Why are so many publications

Why are so many publications implying that Hillary has it all wrapped up already?

Anne Colamosca more than 1 year ago

There are now going to be

There are now going to be more debates, as well. Bernie Sanders will be able to continue to show American he is more in touch with them than Hillary Clinton.

Hillary may lose the White House again, and it will be because she only thinks about herself. Her attacks on Bernie Sanders show how out of touch with Americans she actually is. She is now against universal healthcare and is opposed to breaking up the banks that nearly took down the global economy.

Have very low expectations and no desire for a better future for yourself, your children, and your fellow Americans? Vote Hillary.

Hillary Surging with Americans Harboring Low Expectations, No Ambition for Better Future

Alex Vosh more than 1 year ago

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