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The Progressives since

The Progressives since Woodrow Wilson have called for the primacy of diplomacy over the use of force and the right of Free Speech, including by officials. However, when I was a diplomat in the State Department under President Clinton I spoke up with policy disagreements about the Administration's supporting Saudi Arabia's mission of spreading terrorist ideology and training terrorist organization's in the Saudi desert and I reported to the State Department Inspector General that the Diplomatic Security staff were leaking the names of Christians to the Saudi G-2 (secret police). I was immediately sent back to Washington to an obscure job in Washington by the Secretary of State. When I reached out to the agency that protects whistle blowers (US Office of Special Counsel) the Clinton Administration sent gun men from the Bureau of Diplomatic Security to force me out of my office, seize my diplomatic credentials, government cards and my building pass. However, since the gun men had no legitimate authority, they forced my supervisor to participate in their "diplomacy"...My attorney presented the facts to the Clinton-appointed Secretary of State organization, the Foreign Service Grievance Board, but the Clinton officials refused to make a record of the testimony, in violation of the rule of law, or to go to arbitration and used political influence to immobilize my Union representatives. I was terminated unlawfully (no one would sign the termination, by the way) and by the use of force by gun men... Subsequently, the Washington Post reporter, Thomas W. Lippman, said he had researched the situation but that at the request of Clinton officials in the State Department, he had "killed it".

Hon. Timothy Hunter more than 1 year ago

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