Russian Dissident Slams U.S. Media and the Left



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You mean all the deeply

You mean all the deeply entrenched stupidities you read/ hear about eeeeevery day all Russians are supposed to suffer from?

natasha more than 1 year ago

What Kagarlitsky fails to

What Kagarlitsky fails to explain is why Russian popular opinion should matter to the American left. Does he assume (does assume?) that left politics should just follow popular sentiment in whatever non-western country a crisis arises in? That, since this is the quaint, "native" view, it must be ok?

If so...should we take the same attitude toward Russia's deeply entrenched racism, anti-semitism, sexism, and homophobia? They're all ok because they're so very... "Russian"?

A lot of Americans probably do mistakenly think the "poor Russians" are under Putin's svengali-like sway. Ok. Most Russians don't understand America well either.

So let's get it out on the table once and for all: for both historical and political reasons, Russian popular opinion favors the military excursion into Ukraine.


And so what???

Roz more than 2 years ago

Nice article

Nice article

Mahimna Shukla more than 2 years ago

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