RNC 2016: White Rage in Cleveland



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Where is The Progressive's

Where is The Progressive's coverage of DNC shenanigans favoring Clinton over Sanders? They want our vote and our enthusiasm but the whole thing was rigged from the start. This is a huge story that's been out there for days. Can you say something to your many readers who support Bernie and real progressivism?

Betty 276 days ago

Smart analysis, well said.

Smart analysis, well said. Thank you, Ruth!

Lonnie 279 days ago

How can you do this? I'm not

How can you do this? I'm not a fan of Trump nor am I fan of today's Republican party, but why would you purposely write garbage like this filled with not just lies, but words that are designed to provoke racial tension and hate... You should be ashamed of yourself.

"Trump painted a frightening picture of a nation in decline and under siege by dangerous, dark-skinned people inside and outside our borders."

And that paragraph above, which is so far from the truth and you KNOW it's just bullshit aimed at people who you can only hope will not attempt to further research all the horrible shameful bs you put up on this site.

And most of all, you're teaching your daughter all this as if it's fact?

Please, show me some quotes that support ANYTHING YOU HAVE WRITTEN about Trump or any Republicans the entire week saying or doing ANYTHING that would lead someone to believe the filth you've written here?

I notice you made sure to include race and gender when you referred to Clinton and Obama.. Again, another not so subtle attempt to try and steer people with little to no knowledge of facts in your desired direction.

I'm 31 years old middle class American who used to vote democrat until I started looking into things for myself and was startled to the point of being almost genuinely frightened at the fact that the democratic party has been built on using the media to hopefully trick me and the rest of America .

I sincerely feel sorry for your daughter.


Clint Wilks 279 days ago

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