RNC 2016: Chaos in Cleveland as Cruz Declines to Endorse Trump



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Donald Chump never keep a

Donald Chump never keep a promise in his life he is a lousy landlord and good at being a lousy landlord he is the scum of the earth demanding rent went he provides no heat in winter, in most countries they shoot criminals like that as for the Republican Party there is little honor there just a lot of talk about honor they remind me of Mussolini as they are full of hot air as the fascist wind bags they are who should all be arrested for the criminals they are.

Andrew Stergiou 279 days ago

Ruth, thanks for this great

Ruth, thanks for this great view from the inside. Have there always been whips in the crowd, or is that a Trump thing? I admire your courage; even from my home in Madison, the anger is palpable, and the precipice of violence seems to draw ever closer. Take care.

Kris Rasmussen 279 days ago

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