Right-to-Work Laws Built On Racist Foundations



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Whatever the roots of this 80

Whatever the roots of this 80 years ago, there are legitimate arguments to be made on both sides of this issue.
Try examining some of them instead of just shrieking 'racist' all the time.
"Racism" is the Left's version of McCarthyism. It's a cheap ploy to stifle any opposing viewpoints or discredit them without actually having to engage them and make reasoned arguments. It's the lazy way out; dig up some connection, no matter how superficial and paint anything or anyone you disagree with as 'racist'.

Tim N more than 2 years ago

That's an ignorant comparison

An ignorant comparison...but then again, if you don't experience or understand or know anything about racism, you aren't even qualified to make an statement like that.

John D more than 2 years ago

"...Muse argued that the only

"...Muse argued that the only solution...was to make union membership or any payment of union dues voluntary..." And why shouldn't it be voluntary? The union people have yet to explain why government should support coercion and why voluntary participation is somehow unfair. Shouldn't workers have a right to decide whether to join?

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

It is voluntary. The

It is voluntary. The National Labor Relations Act ( NLRA) forbids employers from requiring employees to belong to a union, or to pay union dues. However, even back then, in 1935, they recognized that employees should not benefit from benefits and higher wages bargained by the unions, without contributing. So they do have to pay fees attributed to any benefits they might accrue. This is consistently less than union dues, and always beneficial to the employee. Instead of just arbitrarily hating unions, you might do your homework, and study
the history of the working class in America, as Roger Bybee obviously has. His article certainly educated me, and pushed me to do some investigating of my own. DO NOT just jump on bandwagons. Check the facts and think for yourself!

ruth klassy more than 2 years ago

",,,they do have to pay fees.

",,,they do have to pay fees..." I guess it depends on what the meaning of 'voluntary' is. .

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

Shouldn't workers have a

Shouldn't workers have a right to decide whether to join? Hell no. Because every worker benefits when the solidarity of the workers ( which is what unions are all about) can be brought into bargaining for better wages and working conditions. Those who do not want to pay dues are cheats. They want the benefits, but they don't want to do their share to make those benefits possible. The are moral scum bags. Free loaders. And stupid to boot, because without the unions the workers have to kiss ass or be fired. They need to be brought to their senses by being obliged to pay their share! The politicians that pass "right to work" laws. are on the side of the corporations. If you think they are cocnerned with the freedom of the workers you need to wake up.

Wm Springer more than 2 years ago

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