Revealed: ALEC’s 2014 Attacks on the Environment



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I daresay ALEC is far more

I daresay ALEC is far more effective, and far more pervasive, than this article would lead one to believe. It has already evolved way past the "threat to democracy" stage, and now constitutes the primary drive shaft in the machinery of modern corporate rule. It is powered by an essentially unlimited, but entirely opaque pool of funding far larger than the reported donations of large corporations.

ALEC does a great deal more than lobby for or against legislation. It drafts legislation in full detail, down to the implementing rules & regulations, on behalf of the corporate and aristocratic elites it represents. With increasing frequency, these bills are adopted in their entirety. This not only results in entrenchment of corporate policy against the public interest (eg, ACT 13 in Pennsylvania). It also allows ALEC to accrue direct and extraordinary political control over governors and legislators all over the country, and not all of them are Republicans.

It is among Republicans, though, that ALEC wields life & death political decisions, anointing its chosen and stigmatizing the unworthy, channeling tens of millions of unreported dollars in the direction it chooses. There's now no stronger force in the Republican party. Ironically, populist conservatives who take the ALEC mantra "return sovereignty to the states" too literally quickly find themselves out in the cold. While ALEC will tolerate and even support some right-wing primary challenges to established Republicans, it turns immediately hostile to any campaign that includes criticism of corporate privilege in public policy, be it state or federal.

Richard Latker more than 2 years ago

The Tea Party incumbent Bill

The Tea Party incumbent Bill "Birther" Posey is a proud member of the ALEC community and has posted on both his campaign Facebook page and his Congressional web site the fact that he was named the ":Legislaturer of the Year.This man who sits on the Science, Space and Technology Committee of the U. S. House of Representatives has done nothing benficial for the people that he is alleged to represent in the 8th Congressional District of Florida.

The Democrat challenger is Gabriel Rothblatt who is involved in his first political campaign and he is by necessity involved in a grassroots campaign. He is trying to appeal to those who understand how dangerous to have climate change denier in the U. S. House of Represntatives. The goal that Gabriel Rothblatt has for his tenure in the Congress is to improve the quality of life for the middle class. He is now beginning to acquire some significant endorsements from women's organizations, unions and the environmental community.

Gabriel Rothblatt is of the Paul Wellstone mold and deserving of the support of the progressive community.

Patricia Lavins more than 2 years ago

This is downright scary! And

This is downright scary! And the fact that "our" legislators can be so easily manipulated makes me wonder how in God's name do we stop it! The mere number of organized "snipers" that are arrayed against average Joe for the love of $money$ makes a mockery of our democracy and shows that they care little about this country, only their bank accounts. It's amazing that so many think so little of our country that they would brazenly get together to devise schemes to gut our way of life without regard to the consequences - maybe it IS time for a revolution of sorts!!!

Sean Binder more than 2 years ago

Did anybody vote for this

Did anybody vote for this shadow government? I didn't, but the goose stepping state legislators and governors that implemented these policies sure as heck do not represent, we, the people with their ALEC inspired cut and paste policies flowing through their state houses and senates. Wake up people as you country is being run by those that do not have your interests at heart, but their own greedy ones. They don't care about you, or your loved ones, or about the future as their "future" is only about the present, and who can garner them most $$$ for themselves by any means possible, and at the expense of the safety and livelihoods of others.

Geraldine Peterson more than 2 years ago

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