Republicans to Disabled: Go to Hell



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The Congressional Budget Analysis of the AHCA actually states that there are caps on everyone, not just disabled people. However, these cuts are based on the average enrolee cost for 2016. This means that all that is happening is that they are cutting spending across the board, not just individually.

John Paluska 44 days ago

The Baby Boomer Tsunami

The Baby Boomer Tsunami

Thank you Mike foe the clear explanation.

Re: "And speaking of Medicaid, the AHCA absolutely destroys Medicaid as we have always known it by instituting a system of per capita limits. This means states would receive a fixed amount of Medicaid money each year and, if the needs of those receiving Medicaid exceeds the allotment, they will just have to make cuts. States could even be financially penalized for exceeding the caps. Allotments would increase over time, but not nearly enough to keep up with inflation,"

... or enough to keep up with the fact that in the next few years, and continuing on and on, there is going to be an ever exponentially increasing tsunami of the medical needs of aging elder boomers, *including* (underline *including*) aging disabled boomers.

Ken Stein 44 days ago

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