Republicans Smear Mary Burke, Sneer at Minimum Wage



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Ruth - tie the Gary Hellerman

Ruth - tie the Gary Hellerman story to the stories coming out of Walker's country exec office that berated blacks. It's all a part of the same discrimination mindset of his cronies. Do another article and appear on Thom Hartman's program on Monday or Tuesday.

Karen Haas more than 2 years ago

You know what would have made

You know what would have made lots of sense? That would have been Mary Burke hammering this issue in ads from day one. Even President Obama while campaigning for her said, "Mary Burke wants to give Wisconsin a raise." She potentially had a whole new voter base that would have registered to vote to get a $2.85 an hour raise, but she chose to believe everyone watched the debates. (Yeah, right) Wisconsinites also overwhelmingly support raising the minimum wage, so it should have been a no-brainer.
Democrats lose because they assume people are informed and for the most part they aren't. Republicans continue to get people to vote against their own interests because they know people are stupid. By staying on message, with the help of Fox News, and a few issues (lies) they repeat over and over, they win.
I hope and pray Mary Burke wins, but if she doesn't, it will be because of the huge misstep of not making this one of the cornerstones of her campaign.

Tess13 more than 2 years ago

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