Remembering John Trudell, Voice of the American Indian Movement



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Trudell's speech at Judi Bari

Trudell's speech at Judi Bari's wake

Dan Scanlan more than 1 year ago

Great Article, David. Stop

Great Article, David. Stop by if you're ever up this way

marji more than 1 year ago

John was a good friend of

John was a good friend of mine, but he was no."progressive". And, he didn't have to doe the way he did, either..I think he kinda gave up,.now his insirance was iffy, but I think.if he had reached out to.Jackson.Browne, for one,.I.think.he.might have to beat this..Yeah,.he was an."activist", but.more than anything he was a human being..A scarred,.wary,.tough, romantic, sagacious human.being..People who throw the "left" ashpile didn't really know him.

Ross Vachon more than 1 year ago

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