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The New Democratic Party

The New Democratic Party needs to have a solid progressive platform with a clearly defined ethics standard that applies to all elected officials and candidates for public office. The clearly defined ethics standard needs to stipulate that any violations of the spirit of the law or the letter of the law are a liability for the entire party, and therefore an injustice against all members, and must be punished by immediate removal from the party for a minimum of one year or longer depending on the severity of the injustice against all members. Right now there is not an ethics requirement for party membership. An ethics standard would enforce not only progressive values, but also the expectation that members will observe ethics at all times for the benefit of all. We need leaders who take responsibility and conduct themselves in a responsible way for the benefit of all. Blaming someone else does not solve this systemic problem about not taking responsibility for a history of deception and mistakes that have been made and which subsequently provided opportunities for the opposition, or for various legal inquiries.

Gena 166 days ago

Clinton's chance to break the

Clinton's chance to break the glass ceiling helped her. It was a net positive. But she couldn't inspire enthusiasm the way Obama did. Her downfall was her secret email server and her serial dishonesty. Progressives should have been more vocal in support of Jill Stein.

Betty 170 days ago

Although I understand and

Although I understand and sympathize with your sentiments, I must take issue with the assertion that Clinton or Obama represented or espoused, in any meaningful way, Progressive policies or values. They were both middling, cautious, corporate Democrats. That doesn't ipso facto make them evil (as some would have), but it certainly doesn't make them Progressives. Bernie Sanders ran as a Progressive. Stein did, and Nader, and Jesse Jackson before them. George McGovern ran as a Progressive. It's important to make that clear and not forget it. Clinton's foreign policy positions were the most bellicose since Reagan in 1980. Her domestic agenda was palliative neoliberalism. That Trump is an awful person with a terrible agenda doesn't change that.

James Levy 170 days ago

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