From Rams to Ariyana Smith, Athletes Honor Michael Brown



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I am a new subscriber of the

I am a new subscriber of the venerable Progressive. I have read it , on and off, for years. I wonder if The Progressive has spent time on the DOJ's report on the interactions of Officer Wilson and Michael Brown on that fateful day last summer? One would hope that, in the interest of informing readers and in the interest of fairness, an airing of the findings of the DOJ investigation would get ample space in The Progressive. It is not in the best interest of the furtherance of race relations, police/minority relations or just plain good journalism to avoid an honest reporting of the heretofore fictionalized account of that day.

Brian more than 2 years ago

And one of the Ram's players,

And one of the Ram's players, Kenny Britt was arrested in New Jersey on three counts (including a felony) following an alleged car chase with police. The charges were later reduced. On June 7, Britt pled guilty to careless driving and was fined. On June 8, 2012, Britt was arrested in Hoboken, NJ, charged with resisting arrest. On January 13, 2013, Britt's close personal friend was involved in a stabbing and Britt reportedly drove him to the Jersey City Medical Center. When police attempted to ask Britt about the incident, he was allegedly not willing to cooperate. The incident marks the ninth time Britt was involved with police since he joined the NFL. In May 2014, a sex video briefly appeared on Britt's Instagram. The Rams announced they were looking into the incident.

Esteban more than 2 years ago

The whole problem with what

The whole problem with what the Rams did was that the narrative is completely false! There is no proof that he ever held his hands up to surrender, but blood evidence does show that he was moving toward the Officer Wilson. Witnesses who have said they saw Mr. Brown's hands up have recanted such statements.

The ironic thing with your publication is that you highlight all these articles about protesting and activism. Yet, when people point out that you are propagating false narratives, you censor their words. As you did to my comment on your Facebook page! Censorship is a pretty reactive approach to opposing views. Maybe the better approach is to expand the dialog and engage in a debate, rather than hide behind the delete button on your computer desk!

Progressives: Progressing Past the Truth more than 2 years ago

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Julia Burke more than 2 years ago

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