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THOM HARTMANN you nitwits is

THOM HARTMANN you nitwits is America's No.1 defender of Putin - any military conflicts 100% the fault of NATO.
Russia firing up its NUKE program again, the USA response bitterly derided by the Russiaphile Thom.

As Russia commits War Crime after Atrocity in Syria, even FIREBOMBING a United Nations Aid Convoy and leveling EVERY HOSPITAL in non-Assad Aleppo, Thom's response is to change the topic and vigorously ban unacceptable callers.

Ed Snowedus 209 days ago

The author, in his anti

The author, in his anti-Russia propaganda piece, makes some serious errors. First Putin did not heartily endorse Trump he actually said “He’s a very colorful person. Talented, without any doubt. But it’s not our affair to determine his worthiness — that’s up to the United States voters.” It seems like the author wants Putin to call Trump a butthole and vice versa before he it can be considered acceptable. Putin for neo-con-liberal Hillerites has to be evil and Trump a complete idiot (which isn't hard). It also seems to bother the author that Putin is regarded as a wise man. If one compares him to our politicians he certainly seems so. I respect a person that never resorts to name calling or demonizing. Instead he regards us as "partners." It's smart approach to dealing with anyone - friend or foe. But that's not our intention is it. Another curiosity is how the author believes Putin is an expansionist monster for reclaiming Crimea. Crimea voted numerous times, favorably I might add, to become a part of Russia in the preceding decades. Heck, even Gorbechov's mother was born there. Maybe it would have been more acceptable had Putin, in US fashion, bombed the hell out of the country and killed a few million first? A shameful crime we have yet to account for. Or perhaps he should have let the US take over after their Nazi-led coup in Keiv? I don't mean to be so sarcastic and angry, but nothing gets me more than people who profess one thing but do exactly the opposite. People who reserve morals and compliance to laws for everyone else but themselves. People who can never take responsibility and so go about wreaking endless havoc and destruction – in Afghanistan (the worlds largest heroin exporter, thanks Uncle Sam!), Iraq, Libya, and now Syria and all the while blaming others. It's a sad state of affairs when liberals don't seem to just sort of write off with indifference all the lives destroyed by our lies and deceit. Lies and deceit largely perpetuated by our so-called “free press” but in truth a powerful propaganda machine in it's own right regardless of what one thinks of Russian news. So what has Putin's Russia done that has been aggressive and against international law? Not much. Crimea voted and Russia was asked to by Syria to defeat ISIS (aka US proxy force). The war on ISIS has been very effective. So effective that the US who is allied with Saudi Arabia and Turkey (two ISIS factories) keeps complaining about it's so-called “moderates” being bombed. Well, if they would separate from ISIS that would be nice, but they won't and they can't because they are. And why exactly does the author want to overthrow a country that is secular, inclusive, and provides universal healthcare and higher education anyway? Does he really want what we have now in Libya – which also provided the same before “we came, we saw, he died”? Maybe he prefers a country of intolerant head-choppers like Saudi Arabia? A state broken up into religious factions? He may want to think about that awhile. Finally, if we get by without a direct confrontation, which many neo-liberal-cons including the author seems to be itching for, we will be lucky. It's getting frighteningly close to midnight as the US leaves Russia few options except surrender or direct confrontation. The Progressive would do well to get out the unreported information in these conflicts, it could mean the difference between catastrophe or survival. Seriously.

James 214 days ago

IT's disgusting the support

IT's disgusting the support that Putin gets from some so-called liberals, like the publish of the rag known as The Nation. IT's obvious that some leftists miss the good ol' soviet union, so Putin will do.

Dirko 221 days ago

This GOP approval for Putin

This GOP approval of Putin is NOT a new thing. Pat Buchanan has been loudly singing Putin's praises for years since Russia started cracking down on gay rights and other social liberal causes. Also Putin has been fusing the Orthodox Church with the government as a state religion, and conservatives like this, they also have a desire for a "Christian Nation" - never mind that Constitution.

And yes the GOP loves those strong and manly types, don't they? Many in the GOP have been unfavorably comparing Obama to Putin for years, it's just part of the stock accusations by Republicans the Democrats are soft and weak. It's just that when Trump starts doing it, it gets amplified and the message gets weirder, because Trump is a whack job.

bt 222 days ago

You neglected to mention the

You neglected to mention the U.S.-engineered coup that put a new government in place in Ukraine in 2014.

Linda Sleffel 225 days ago

Speaking of simplistic views.

Speaking of simplistic views. America "somehow" was involved in Ukraine, Georgia, and earlier Yugoslavia? Our Arab Spring policies, the continual mainstream haranguing and even personal attacks on anybody not going belly up for our hegemony... Wow. My next report will focus on academia in America teaching our future leaders how to hate, be obtuse, and focusing on "exceptionalism" in a global community. Study Russia a bit more professor. What sort of leadership would you have them adopt? Our form?

Phil Butler 226 days ago

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