Pssst...Trump: You Won By Running to Clinton's Left



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Jud, today's progressives are

Jud, today's progressives are anti-corporation in the abstract but they aren't vocal against corporations that are willing to play ball; progressives also have a long history of coziness with cronyism. My point was that free markets and free people are not primarily, or even observably, progressive goals. I think you're right that Clinton was seen as beholden to corporate interests but I think her bigger vulnerabilities were that she was perceived as dishonest and secretive and self-interested. Her private server was intended to hide public records from the public, and using this unsecure server for classified documents was criminal. The Clintons went from "dead broke" in 2001 to multi-millionaires in 2016 by selling influence through their foundation. I don't think Sanders would have won either, but he would have allowed progressives to vote enthusiastically without feeling like hypocrites. My advice is to work on moving the Democrats toward progressive stances without making them seem extreme. That would give you a chance at realizing reasonable gains. But the Democrats have adopted progressivism overwhelmingly and are now seen as extreme. You had a long run with Obama and he pulled the country far toward your principles, but the downside is that the pendulum will now swing the other way. After a big swing left, the mood will be for movement toward the right. More reasonable moves to the left might not be seen as needing corrections.

Billy 123 days ago

Dems need to be the party of

Dems need to be the party of working people-- not Goldman Sachs.

LaVerne 123 days ago

Hi Billy -- First of all, the

Hi Billy -- First of all, the title "running to Clinton's Left" was intended both literally and figuratively. Trump, literally visited long held Dem areas throughout the long held Rust Belt, while Clinton was pretty vacant. She didn't visit WI at all and was outspent by seven to one October.

Second, there is a long progressive history of standing up to big corporations and using that stand as a central selling point to the voters. I think Clinton's biggest vulnerability was that she was perceived as being bought and paid for by corporate interests, especially on issues like trade and allowing numerous sectors to consolidate and become monopolistic.

Jud L 124 days ago

You correctly identify areas

You correctly identify areas that had voted Dem but now voted for Trump. But your editorializing that Trump ran to Clinton's left is risible. You are finally looking at Clinton"s deficiencies but you are hoping to masquerade the fact that her policies were progressive and they were also rejected by voters. Supporting American workers and opposing monopolies and Wall Street bailouts are not leftist concepts, though you want to claim so. Clinton lost because she was a bad candidate - corrupt and arrogant and unlikable. But her progressive policies also lost, because the people have grown weary of promises that never deliver, and they wanted something different. Going forward, progressives should decide whether they will double down on the leftism and support Bernie and Jill types. Or you can help to make Dem candidates more palatable to voters by toning down on the central control and the division that pits interest groups against each other.

Billy 126 days ago

Recounting the Wisconsin

Recounting the Wisconsin votes was like closing the barn door after the horse is gone. 830,703 completed absentee early votes sat around polling places in envelopes and were under the complete control of partisan county and district clerks for up to several weeks before being fed into the scanning machines on Election Day. They were alphabetized and available for adjustment well before they were fed in to the voting machines. The Wisconsin Election Commission even prevented voters from signing the voter lists during early voting so that there could be no comparison of the signatures on the absentee voter envelopes. Doing a recount merely diverted attention from the real fraud here.

Gary M 127 days ago

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