Protesting Sarah Palin and the Tea Party in Madison



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I love this!. Anything

I love this! Anything against the Quitter from Wasilla, Palin, is okay in my books.
Keep up the good work progressives. Let's strike down Palin and all the Tea Bagger's hateful rhetoric every which way we can.

PoliticoIAm more than 2 years ago

i noticed you mentioned Sarah

I noticed you mentioned Sarah Palin's "gaffe" about Russia. I'm assuming you meant the “I can see Russia from my house" quote. Which is funny because Sarah Palin never said that, that quote came from Tina fey while she was making fun of Sarah Palin in a snl skit. But you're a liberal so I can understand your confusion. liberals never let little things like facts get in the way of a good message and I must say your whole anti tea party pro union rant is pretty entertaining,... seriously lacking in common sense and knowledge, but entertaining.. Anyone with the ability to think for themselves knows that unions have never created anything. They’ve never increased the quality of a product or decreased the cost of production. Sure, they get their members paid more but at what cost? Do you think the company is going to absorb the additional cost of union involvement? No...... They pass the cost right on to the consumers in the form of higher prices. you think unions care about their members.....yea....they care just as much about them as a coal company cares about coal....members are their power source.....and with that power they extract wealth from a large group of people and transfer it to a small group of people usually leaving a trail of low quality goods and services sold at a higher price and being produced by a smaller number of people. so you go ahead and tell everyone about how great unions are....... get to work, the union head's vacation homes aren't going to landscape themselves.

alan klinner more than 2 years ago

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