Protecting Paradise on Pagan Island



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We support you

The people of Guam are no stranger to your plight. During WWII the people of the the thriving beach side village of Sumay Guam were sent on a forced march while the military destroyed the village with bombs. The people can never resettle Sumay because it became part of the United States Naval Magazine. They can never go back.

Connie Rosario 55 days ago

I hope the law suit against

I hope the law suit against the Military is strong enough to keep the military out of The CNMI.I am an army veteran and I Have seen the destruction. What hasn't been mentioned by the navy is the depleted uranium which used in the marines heavy weapons and has been proven not to be harmless. I've spent time on Saipan, Rota, and Tinian. I am surprised by the people and Guam who have never visited the CNMI, If they had seen even one island they would know why it is important to support the CNMI. If you can get and post the picture and stores and get people from around the world involved.

Daniel Schuneman 238 days ago

What a wonderful place - and

What a wonderful place - and how terrible that the American military and Government plan to come to occupy and disturb the peace. I sent greetings and solidarity to you. I have stepped down earlier this year from coordinating the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases - CAAB(UK). However I am very much involved still in the aims and objectives of CAAB - not gone away just moving on! Please would you keep us informed. I support you every step of the way in this struggle.

Lindis Percy 316 days ago

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