How Progressives Rebuild



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I like the article.I,ve

I like the article.I,ve always believed that with all the relative information that's based on the truth,issues will be supported by all.Whats needed is for these issues to be presented to the mass consituents .Than Mr.Walker would be out on the street.

Bradley more than 2 years ago

Every time democrats lose an

Every time democrats lose an election there is all this hand wringing about what went wrong but the reality is they are too much like republicans.Scot Walker didn't beat Mary Burke because the people of Wisconsin love Walker and his policies,it was Burke's failure to articulate a truly progressive vision which lead to her demise.It tales more than a vote for me because I'm the lesser of the two evils approach to motivate people to vote for you.After all,voting for the lesser of evils still leaves you with evil.That's why we need a progressive party outside of the corporatist democratic party.

John Gillmann more than 2 years ago

Ok, right, I agree that all

Ok, right, I agree that all this is necessary. But beyond that, we need to recognize the disaster that the third-wayers have made of the Democratic party in the years since Reagan made all of them foul their pants. Their policy of trying to be almost as Republican as the Republicans has left the nation undefended during a period as critical as any in history, and has allowed the introduction of oligarchy as the operative political system. It has been allowed to go so far into entrenchment it will be difficult to dislodge, especially since Dems have begun to get used to the gravy train that has taken the place of soliciting opinion on pending policy.
We must fix the Dem party NOW or jettison it.

acme more than 2 years ago

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