The Progressive Interviews Naomi Klein on Climate Change



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Paris Warming confab unlikely

Paris Warming junket unlikely to reach accord:

The global warming issue has always been largely about massive wealth transfers and that explains the support of developing countries, and also of collectivists who always favor such transfers. But if the real issue is protecting the environment and the risks are existential, shouldn't all nations contribute to the solution? Or are wealth transfers really the main issue?

Chihare more than 2 years ago

Hey, Matt. long time no see.

Hey, Matt. long time no see. I am out in Michigan now. But anyway, climate change? Do you really think it is consistent with a concern for the wretched of the earth to promote an end-of-days religious vision of apocalypse to ensure the continued poverty of the worst-off half of humanity? Coal-fired electricity alone would save millions of lives if available everywhere in Africa and Asia. Temperatures have been flat for 18 years, we are in a six or seven year lull in hurricane incidence, strong tornadoes are flat, drought world wide is sloping slightly downward (please don't tell me about California), the search is intensifying for "why the pause" and "where the heat went" and we know now fairly surely it is not in the oceans. But you really believe the science that has told us none of this could be is settled? Come on. Get some skeptics in here and actually debate this issue reasonably!

Jon Burack more than 2 years ago

I don't agree with everything

I don't agree with everything Naomi Klein spews , but I must agree with the last two paragraphs contain valuable information. The strengthening ,(the creation of), community banks, farmers markets and small independent systems

Myriad Ford more than 2 years ago

Great interview! Thank you,

Great interview! Thank you, Matt, Naomi, and The Progressive! Really important stuff here.

Bekah more than 2 years ago

After 30 years of offering

After 30 years of offering ever-more apocalyptic climate disaster predictions, the public has not complied with the demands of climate activists to change their ways of living. The public will never change, you're fighting a losing battle. If you're waiting only for others to change their ways of life, you'll be waiting forever.

JCS more than 2 years ago

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