Private Companies are Making a Killing in the Justice System



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It is any responsible

It is any responsible government's obligation to protect its citizens from criminals and as such to impose proper penalties without profiteering by anybody. Privately owned prisons are a clear conflict of interest. By this I don't mean that service suppliers like food vendors can't profit from their supplies, but rather that the prison itself is either state or federally owned and operated. Otherwise you may as well privatize the Courts.

Paul Doff more than 1 year ago

News and investigative

News and investigative reports exposed some judges who were "incentivized" by private prison companies to continually "supply" them with fresh inmates. Furthermore, a for-profit "institution" will naturally be inclined to take actions, through acting bodies of the court system, to maximize it's bottom line - profit!!

Kim Salazar, NY more than 1 year ago

Inmates, relatives and

Inmates, relatives and lawyers are charged unreasonably high phone fees, even for local calls.

Gary Getzin more than 1 year ago

When Prohibition ended it was

When Prohibition ended it was replaced with the criminalization of drugs. Now that the war on drugs is ending they are ramping up the criminalization of gun ownership.

All these criminalization programs target minorities and the lower classes. All are part of the Prison Industrial Complex that makes our Injustice System function like a good police state.

Suzan more than 1 year ago

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