What the Price of Your Sneakers Really Says About Free Trade



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Reduces the risk of pointless, idiotic flame wars. People might reconsider a hastily-written comment, if they can see a preview of their ranting before they release it to the world.

Jefferson Cager 262 days ago

In all this free trade

In all this free trade conversation, little mention is made of the environmental costs to move goods. These costs include fossil fuels, and enlarging harbors for the huge ships carrying the goods, and the environmental damage incurred by doing so. Traffic of the high seas, noise pollution, emptying ballast tanks, etc all have effects that we have not considered. The law of unintended consequences rules...as in the movement of the Tiger Mosquito into the United States from Asia transported in a shipment of tires.

Cora Michael 294 days ago



Anonymous 297 days ago

domestic production should be

domestic production should be favored over imports by all countries which have any unemployment. if Chavez had built a paper mill with the money he spent on imports there would not be a TP shortage and the price would be affordable to the people in that economy

bill 297 days ago

Thank you for this. I've

Thank you for this. I've been an adult consumer since the 1970s and have never understood the THINGS ARE CHEAPER argument. What things?

Helen Nystrom 297 days ago

how many of you noticed the

how many of you noticed the price increase when China put a 20% tariff on exports? well there wasn't one, Walmart already charged all the market would bear and the profit was already so high they just absorbed the cost increase. a 20% tariff on Chinese imports would also go unnoticed. any loss in volume would result in China lowering their tariff. they need us more than we need them, we can serve all our needs by domestic production and be better off for it.

bill 297 days ago

You left out the fact that a

You left out the fact that a great many of the products made in China are of inferior quality. I have a long list of new items, from heaters to microwaves, that stopped functioning and could not be fixed. As I result, I try not to buy any new item made in China. I buy only second hand. Tbat way, being screwed is less painful. P.S. I will not buy any food from China either.

sharonsj 298 days ago

Free trade huh? Free to

Free trade huh? Free to exploit poverty stricken people of third world societies, with inhumane working conditions and wages to guarantee subservience? Free trade is code for having the power to run roughshod over the environment of poor and struggling countries to 'pollute freely'; putting god only knows what toxins into local aquifers. Free to make unsafe products for consumer use? Free to exploit natural resources of a host country and put indigenous populations out of work, without financial reciprocity? Free to abscond to another country where your corporation saves more money from even worse pay to hard working people of another economically destitute society?
Trade pacts are really a very successful tool for holding down wages in the U.S., as corporations consistently use the threat of moving manufacturing to another state or out of country over the heads of workers deserving of higher hourly pay or benefits - from consistently achieving increased production goals. Let's call "free trade" what it truly is: a capitalistic propaganda term for holding a license to profit from, despoiling ecosystems and abusing and blackmailing hard working people. Nice deal for the people known as corporations - damned expensive should you be one of the unlucky ones to be made of flesh and blood.

Daniel Murphy 298 days ago

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