As Police Weaponry Gets More Dangerous, More People Die



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You are spot on Scott. He

You are spot on Scott. He doesn't know a thing about firearms.'

LV 219 days ago

To someone who knows nothing

To someone who knows nothing about firearms, this guy probably sounds like he knows what he's talking about, but he doesn't. He speaks like an expert on a subject that he knows nothing about. Jackass.

Scott 246 days ago

Mr. Lounsbury,

Mr. Lounsbury,
Perhaps if the officer had a less lethal weapon Tony could have won the encounter. I invite you to the realization that unarmed doesn't mean helpless and defenseless. Dedication to the task at hand is what is truly important. Until you pickup a badge don't preach to me about, "if.". I've been in law enforcement for 32 years, to date my body count is 3 deer, 2 goats, 10 cows and 0 people. I have arrested people for attempted murder. I do not take lightly the need to kill, every shot fired was necessary. I want the most deadly weapon in an encounter with anyone trying to take my life because every second they have after showing intent to kill me increases their chance at sucess. If I make it to retirement without ever killing a human being it will be a goal achieved. I sleep well at night and do so with a clear conscience and like it that way. For the people I work with every person that they have killed in the line of duty has by their actions demonstrated a need to be stopped. The last gunfight my agency lost was in 1973, about the same time my father first taught me to shoot.

fred 274 days ago

Actually Dirty Harry had a 44

Actually Dirty Harry had a 44 magnum. 45's were commonly carried in WWII. The 38 special is an older round, now mostly being used in concealed carry revolvers: a majority of 38's can also fire the 357 magnum round, very nasty, and are carried for just that purpose. The 38 revolver was largely replaced by the 9mm automatic, which was a good way to introduce a modern automatic into policing. The NATO spec handgun is still the 9mm, and still in use. Unfortunately, many cops are going to the 40 caliber or 10+mm handgun, which is totally unnecessary, supposedly, but a blast to shoot. Recently, US cops have been hot to get their hands on 50 caliber or 12.7mm sniper rifles and machine guns. A 30+ lb. 50 caliber machine gun, however, needs to be mounted somewhere solid, like an armored vehicle. In NYC they have been mounting them in helicopters, so they can, maybe, shoot down bad guys in planes. On the other hand NATO soldiers, for accuracy and other logical reasons, continue to use either a 5.56mm or a 7.62mm round. The smaller round is more accurate; the larger is armor piercing The thinking is that if the soldiers, or police, are trained to shoot accurately, there no need for the kinds of weapons our police want to carry in the streets. Perhaps the 147 rounds shot into a car with unarmed people in Cleveland, could have been reduced if the police were better shots, or if they had listened to what they were being told over their radios. At most, four bullets could have taken out the tires.

James Smead more than 1 year ago

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