The Poetry of Bernie Sanders



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Bernie to feel the burn....

Bernie to feel the burn.... you got to “light the fire!” NOW!

H Pete Rose more than 1 year ago


VISUALIZE BERNIE TAKING THE OATH OF OFFICE. Can you see him there? See him in his black overcoat, signature white hair blowing in the crisp breeze of the bright January day as he raises his right hand and takes the oath, sunlight glinting off his spectacles? Behold the sea of wall-to-wall faces of every color, stretching through the entire Washington Mall and beyond, like it was the historic day of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech? You pause inwardly to reflect on this moment, and feel your breath expand and relax, somehow knowing, deep down that, yes, he is safe and protected, for the work that needs to be done, for the benefit of all. And now--hear the roar of the exuberant crowd suddenly and solemnly hush? Because it is at this, the assembled thousands, the nation, the world, hears him say the words, in his baritone, Brooklyn accent, "I, Bernard Sanders, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." You literally feel the crowd erupt in a volcano of cheers as Phase II of the Revolution now begins, and you feel your heart burst with joy, a lump in your throat, and tears stream down your face as you find yourself laughing and crying at the same time...

It’s Crunch Time people--the Iowa Caucus is upon us! And we’ve gotta pull out ALL the stops--not just the physical (phone banking, etc.), but the mental and spiritual, as well. Sure, it may sound “woo-woo,” but hey, I’m writing this from the San Francisco Bay Area and that’s our specialty! So let’s USE it! First to win Iowa, to jumpstart the momentum, but starting by visualizing the endpoint, fully and emotionally. Do this and feel this as fully as you can between now and the end of the Iowa caucuses--and then beyond! But especially now--let’s light the fire that Spreads the Bern!

WelcomeOm more than 1 year ago

So...Hillary should win the

So...Hillary should win the nomination because of her more "realistic" goals.

To paraphrase Homer Simpson, when giving advice to Bart: "Never try anything and you won't be disappointed."

Johnny Tucats more than 1 year ago

Bernie says "we need a

Bernie says "we need a political revolution.' This would be the first revolution in history to have only one man as its entire focus.

Bernie has made no effort to build a political movement either in his decades in Vermont or in his current presidential run. Vermont does have a somewhat viable 3rd party -- The Progressive Party -- but Bernie has never been part of it to my knowledge.

So when Bernie retires, he will leave behind his personal achievements, but no movement and certainly no revolution to continue the work he started. Precisely the same is true of his presidential run.

If the US needs a revolution, then surely we need to organize a political movement capable to creating it. The movement around Bernie is no such movement.

John Greenberg more than 1 year ago

Hillary is right about one

Hillary is right about one thing, a President does not sit on a throne and issue edicts. It takes sound counsel to govern.

So I'd like a careful look at who she chose when she was Secretary of State. Her girlfriend, Huma, with full unauthorized access to everything, Top Clearance included. Victoria Nuland, wife of a right wing Republican broker cum fund raiser who advised set up the Maiden Square demonstrations in the Ukraine. Sid Blumenthal, a nothing in particular who successfully counseled Hillary to kill Libya.

She followed all of the CIA orders. Yet there is a great blank in public knowledge about who the others in Hillary's shadow were. I'd love to see an in-depth article on it, because she certainly wreaked as much damage as Cheney and Rumsfeld.

There's every reason to think Bernie woulddo far better than that.

Anonymot more than 1 year ago

Its very funny to hear that

Its very funny to hear that Hillary can appeal to conservatives. Riotously funny.

Laser Dog more than 1 year ago

Hypocrite Hillary sold

Hypocrite Hillary sold $Billions in arms sales to the Middle East. Will she accept liability for all weapons that have fallen into the wrong hands?

Of those 90 people killed daily by gun violence, that includes 22 veteran suicides (1 every 65 minutes) thanks to the Iraq War. Now she wants to send our young men and women into more wars in the Middle East that she has armed to the teeth?

For shame.

chonus more than 1 year ago

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