Pick Your Poison: Clinton Vs. Trump on Foreign Policy



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There is no choice. Trump is

There is no choice. Trump is a thin skinned egomaniac who lies and will drag the US into chaos. Hillary is a competent and intelligent leader. Your paper makes it like these two are equals., They are not. Hillary is heads above this loon.

Sandra 273 days ago

An experienced war monger vs

An experienced war monger vs a newbie war monger-whoopi
if this is the choice I'm voting Jill Stein

rick straw 297 days ago

You can not compare between

You can not compare between Morocco and Israel. The sahara is Moroccan how you can call this occupation? This is very ironic!!!

Amina Kadimi 313 days ago

Hawkish policies are costly

Hawkish policies are costly and preclude any substantial help for ordinary people to see livable wage jobs, decent housing and protection against environmentally dangerous corporate practices. Four more years of this could create a stronger movement seeking a scapegoat and following a Fascist demagogue. The danger of Trump is real. But this is the time to remind Clinton, that her experience with Honduras, Iraq, Syria have contributed to support for un-ending war. Her support for fair trade has caused job loss and and a great immigration problem . She needs to hear this from as many of us as possible.

Marc Pilisuk 317 days ago

Time to start thinking of a

Time to start thinking of a third party alternative to the republocrats. GREEN seems like a very good alternative.

Andrew Paul Gutierrez 317 days ago

Its a shame that such a well

Its a shame that such a well-established progressive publication can't tell the difference between an ignorant totally self-centered ... with no political experience who may be leading us toward fascism and an experienced politician with whom they disagree on some important issues.

Rick Keller 317 days ago

The real shame is when you

The real shame is when you are an experienced politician and you make bad decisions, that gets people killed; while serving your ticket....And improperly acknowledging your discrepancy of bad decision making to the very entity that sees all of your mistakes..... And on top of that,try and pass it off as nothing is wrong; Basically, that's probably considered murderous, and being in this one case a high profile entity was extinguished. There seems to be something else here that's covered up; like espionage... It seems politicians need to make dirty deals behind closed doors,in order to do a legitimate bidding, that 's at best not clean and murderous.If that is what this country relies on..... the politicians are no longer capable of controlling the outcome without killing someone then they should drop out of office with a resignation ,Just to save face......At least, then they can stay out of prison and not taint the political arena and lose grace of respect among all nations...

jmarchant 309 days ago

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