The Paris Climate Summit Reveals Who To Watch Next



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As long as you eager

As long as you eager "believers" abuse and exaggerate science's vague 99% certainty of a CO2 Armageddon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, then only 34 MORE years of debate and climate action delay is certain and unstoppable. No matter how hard you "believe".
Are your science gods certain the planet isn't flat?
Seriously? YOU can tell children it's proven they are doomed to a CO2 Hell but science isn't ALLOWED to?
Who's the ignorant fear mongering neocon in our children's history books?
Is this how you eager "believers" want your kids remembering you?

mememine69 more than 1 year ago

Welcome to Planet Hell the

Welcome to Planet Hell the next generation around. For the Climate Change Agreement will do nothing in reality, as there is a far greater force in the world destroying it, other than saving it. A force that can never be beat other than by the eventual death of our planet.

'The Destroyer of Worlds...the present Globalization 'model' -

Until the sheer greed of the few and the insane thinking of our political elite changes to sustainability, planet Earth is literally destined to its own destruction, no matter how many climate conference the world has. Strange although this is fact and not fiction, things just get far worse by the decade. Are we really an intelligent species, it has to be asked. Apparently not based on all known parameters of common-sense and intelligent reasoning!

And what about the EU's double talk? So much for the EU's hypocrisy and transparency, just look at what they really say behind closed doors about the Climate Change Agreement that the EU has signed up to through EU28.

“Leaked TTIP Document shows EU hypocrisy at COP21” -

Who would believe the EU, apparently a great deal of people who take what the EU says at face value. Let's get out of this lying club of un-elected lawmakers.

The US is not that good either and look what the House of Representatives think about COP21 and trade deals, that create huge global pollution through industrial activity.
'House backs bill to exclude climate change from trade deals' -

Or Japan for that matter, ' Japan will not sacrifice growth in combating climate change: Abe' -

Basically COP21 is a load of useless hot air and where the world's people are being totally conned by their politicians and the 'Global 2000' corporations.

Dr David Hill more than 1 year ago

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