Oregon Residents Challenge the State "Right-to-Farm" Law



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Hi I'll be doing a YouTube

Hi I'll be doing a YouTube video on this I live on the coast right across from Charlie who died my friends live in cedar valley And also myself have noticed health issues

John k Hutchison more than 2 years ago

It seems that there is a lack

It seems that there is a lack of knowledge here...this is a political platform and the only one here that has had his civil rights violated is the applicator. I have read the ODA report published and they can not explain how the chemicals got there. They "guess" it was from the helicopter because the citizens of Cedar Valley forget to mention these chemicals can be purchased at any store by the public and have been used by the Cedar Valley residents (also mentioned in the ODA report). It seems to me to be a bunch of attention staved people standing with their hands out being coached by an eco-terrorist like Lisa Arkin. There is no proof of damage, again, stated in the ODA report and no proof it was from the applicator (again in the ODA report). In our constitution, it gives people the freedom of speech but does not protect against the liars that make false claims against people...in this case the applicator. This "movement" will destroy farmers, timber companies and innocent hard working people. I think Cedar Valley should pay for that! They are a bunch of ignorant people....the piped piper...Lisa Arkin.

Samantha more than 2 years ago

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